Mirror, mirror on the RAST

Materials: RAST, mdf, mirrors, spray paint, router, drill, glass adhesive, drill bit for glass, knobs, play dough.

1. Assembled RAST, except for drawers.
2.Cut MDF to overlap top slightly. Used a router to bevel the edges. Attached with screws, countersunk.
3. Filled screw holes and primed with gray spray paint primer.
4. Painted with hammered metal spray paint.

5. Had mirrors cut to size by local glass shop, after failing miserably at cutting them ourselves.
6. Attached mirrors to drawer fronts with adhesive.
7. Drilled holes, using play dough to create a dam to hold water to cool drill bit.

8. Attached knobs.
9. Assembled drawers.

~ Julie

Jules Yap