Molger & sons

Materials: 2 x Molger shelving units, saw, hammer, drill, wood glue

1. Get two Molger shelving units.

2. Cut (saw) both according to need (I wanted to fit a tall lava lamp, so I wanted to max shelf distance).

3. Drill holes to align posts. Now, I failed getting the holes right first, however, adding extra holes and nails made alignment easy (pix).

3.5 (optional) Cut an extra piece of wood for book support. Fit between Molger posts with nails and pre-drilled holes.

4. Pre align (everything comes together at once by the end so be careful), apply glue.

When posts stand straight, hammer into place. Use spare wood to protect Molger’s soft wood when hammering.

5. Done. Two Molgers turned into one extra tall and two shorter.

(a simple graphic outline is here too)

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~ Jacob Stålhammar, Gothenburg, Sweden