Print up a Fillsta


Materials: IKEA Fillsta

Description: For this hack you “only” need a laser printer.

I didn’t try it with a ink-jet printer.

The first thing is to cut the puzzle’s (shade) of the FILLSTA so they can fit into your laser printer. The wave form of the puzzle’s should still exist.

After the cutting you could tape the puzzle’s on a DIN-A4 paper, so that the printer can pull it in.

You will realise that the length of the puzzle is bigger than a normal DIN-A4 paper. The trick is now to find a good pattern for the puzzle and how to tape the rest of the puzzle (no lasertoner on it) on another DIN-A4 paper so that the laserprinter will produce a pattern on the puzzle, which has no gap or something like that.

After that (several hours :D) and with a lot of careful handling, you could varnish the puzzle’s with something, so that the toner will be still on the plastic.

Read that heat will fixate the toner (careful!)

I uploaded a pattern that I found by searching google. It is better when you search for a vector graphic for creating a DIN-A4 pattern without margin

Good luck !

~ Briegel, germany