Shoe rack in a box

Materials: Ingolf box, ruler, pen, tape, box cutter

Description: 1. Gather up your equipment
2. Open the box and remove the spacers. You’ll need these later
3. Cut off the two front flaps on the box. Use the fold lines as guides.
5. Now you’ll have an open ended box
6. Take your ruler and measure the width of the box. Using the pen mark the half way point.

7. Take one of the spacers that you removed earlier. Fold it as shown in the image. Align this to the half way point you marked earlier. Tape it into position.
8. Now tape each end of the box closed.
9. You now have the beginnings of your shoe rack. If you have more than one box then feel free to repeat these steps as necessary.
10. Use your spare cuttings to provide extra support if you’re building a muli-tier rack.
11. Assemble boxes one on top of the other and fill up with your shoes.
12. End

~ Ben Druce, Australia