SPONTANeous NYTTJA Pin Board Hack

Materials: SPONTAN, NYTTJA and some cork board

Description: Space in my kitchen is limited. So I had to choose between a newspaper rack and a pin board. Since SPONTAN is holding my fav magazines, why not combine a newspaper rack with pin board functionality?

All you need is three NYTTJA picture frames, some 3mm cork, a cutter and strong glue.

1. Remove backing and glazing from NYTTJA.

2. Cut off the stand from backing

3. Use backing as stencil to cut out three similar sized parts from a 3mm cork mat

4. Put cork into NYTTJA frame instead of glazing.

5. Mount backing as usual

6. Mount NYTTJA pin board to SPONTAN (I used strong glue – tape might also work)

~ Helge

Jules Yap