What’s a kitchen without an island

Photo: IKEA.com

Materials: Norden Sideboard, Varde Countertop, Drill, Saw (table or circular)

Description: I have a decent sized kitchen with a poor countertop layout. I combined the Norden Sideboard with a Varde countertop that overhangs to give me a kitchen island with seating. This is something that is sorely lacking from the Ikea lineup.

Here’s how:

Assemble the Norden Sideboard as the instructions say but skip the step instructing you to install the top.

Cut the Varde countertop to approximately 48″ length. Exact length is up to you depending on how much side overhang is desired. Option: If you can find it in stock, get the Lagan beech countertop instead which is less expensive and the perfect length.

From here there are two ways to mount the countertop. The easiest would be to simply use some L brackets from underneath and nobody will see them. Just be sure to drill pilot holes and don’t drill too deep!

I chose the harder way: replicating the mounting holes from the sideboard top on the new countertop. I clamped the sideboard top to the countertop, with the bottoms of each facing up. Using properly sized drill bits with a stopper to not go too deep, I drilled through the sideboard top and into the countertop. This allowed me to utilize the wooden pegs and cam locks/screws to mount the countertop the same way the original top would be mounted. If you do choose this route be sure to do this in the climate that it will exist as to not have wood expansion/contraction issues. I did this in a workshop on a humid day with temperatures nearing 100 degrees. When I went to mount the top in my climate controlled kitchen the holes did not line up very well at all.

The final step would be to add some nice drawer handles, or perhaps some hooks for utensils… anything to make it work for you!

~ Brian Hunt, Richmond, VA