Baby Karlstad corner sofa

Materials: 2 seater Karlstad, 3 seater Karlstad, 2 x brackets, drills and screws

Description: We have a small space in our lounge and wanted to put a corner Karlstad sofa. The problem was that the corner sofa available at Ikea was too big. We decided to make a smaller version of the Karlstad corner sofa.

Essentially this sofa is created by butting up a 2 seater sofa next to a 3 seater. We only wanted one arm on the 2 seater, obviously, so as the sofa legs are attached to the arm piece, we had to ‘hack’ our own solution to this.

We found corner brackets which would fit into the lounge and also fit to attach to the feet. We drilled 2 holes in the brackets for the bolt and dowel from the feet to go through. Next we screwed the brackets into the corners of the base on the side where the arm was missing. Then it was just a matter of attaching the bolts on the feet to the brackets with one nut each.

Et voila! With the addition of an extra Karlstad throw cushion for the corner, we have a corner sofa in the perfect dimensions for our small living room (205cm x 260ish).

One of the not-so-obvious benefits of our design is that we can pivot the 2 seater around in front of the 3 seater and make an almost full sized bed 🙂

~ A, Australia