Billy Bookcase: Hi-Fi Integration

IMAG0661 722725
IMAG0661 722725 IMAG0666 723577

Materials: BILLY bookcase, Stanley Knife

Description: This is one for everyone. You don’t need to be a DIY hero or own a box full of tools. A sharp knife/scissors would suffice.

I just moved to a new flat and realised I didn’t want a big Hi-Fi unit wasting floor space so decided to integrate it into one of my lovely Billy Bookcases.

IMAG0653 719309 IMAG0657 720444

I marked out where needed to be cut, did the cutting on the floor with a wooden board protecting the carpet and there you have it.

Personally I think the white bookcases look very neat with these bits of technology integrated into them, especially with the glowing lights.

~ Matt K, Cardiff

Jules Yap