Expedit Box Canvases for Lively Storage

Materials: Expedit Shelves 2X2

Description: We needed to create some storage in the flat and wanted something more exciting than traditional shelving units so created the box canvas concept which is both fun and helps to conceal some of our excess junk.

Method: We had some pre-primed canvas left over from a previous project. This was stretched across the front face of the Expedit unit and glued using ‘extra strong all purpose’ adhesive onto both side faces of the unit. A staple gun was used to staple round the edge of the box to ensure the canvas stayed tight whilst the glue set. The trick is to start by getting one side glued and stapled and then stretching from the other.

It is easiest to have the 2nd side surface pre-glued and have someone standing ready with the staple gun for when there is sufficient tension to eliminate sagging and warping on the front face. The excess canvas was then trimmed along the top and bottom of the box. We left a bit of overhang at each of the sides as we like the less clinical look but again the side edges could also be trimmed. Now the fun part, get creative! Acrylic paints were used which are nice and vibrant and easy to work with. The scenes we chose to paint were all (loosely!) based on our local beach.

The boxes were then stacked and positioned by a doorway creating a small partition that allows access to the contents of the shelves from behind whilst keeping them out of view from the main room.

~ Robbie Rickman, Wales