Extendable Tie Rack for Pax Unit

Materials: Pax Wardrobe, As-Is wood

Description: After moving into my new house that doesn’t have closets, I realized I could finally use that as an excuse to have my own custom Pax unit. After designing the unit though, I realized there was no real way to hang my ties in a way that wouldn’t take up much space and that I could easily see all of them to make my decisions. Therefore I decided to make my own using my preexisting tie racks.

I bought a 24″ x 8″ piece of wood that matched the color of the Pax from the As-Is section and cut it in half to get two tie racks. I then routed the back out so that I could install a 20″ drawer slide in the back and it would still be flush to the side of the Pax unit.

Then I attached my tie rack to the piece of wood, screwed the wood to the drawer slide, and the drawer slide to the Pax unit. Now when I get ready in the morning, I can simply slide out the two tie racks and easily see all of my ties to pick the right one.

~ Zachary Cohen, Annapolis, MD