From change table to two level play table

Materials: Sniglar change table, Trofast container

Description: Since our little one has outgrown his change table we thought we “hack it” into two tables. But before we did this, we fixed the legs with an additional screw to the frame on each corner, so the legs won’t swing.

Once we had the two tables, I had the idea of making a DUPLO/LEGO playtable out of the higher one. We cut a hole into the table top to match a Trofast container. It fitted perfectly next to the DUPLO board, which we stuck on with some 3M double-sided stickers. That way I can later replace it with a Lego board if they have outgrown DUPLO!

Our bigger girl was happy with it. But then we thought what to do with the other (lower) table.

Since we don’t have that much space, I had another great idea…

Why not have a two “level” play table and use the second level for anything they like (like craft, train, etc) that’s easy to be removed and put on again?

So we totally cut off the legs off the second table and drilled four holes in the bottom of the frame of the top table in which we glued some wooden dowels. Matching these we drilled slightly bigger holes into the top of the bottom table, so the top table can easily be put on and wont move. Done!

We yet have to put some handles on the top table for easier removal and placement.

~ Silvia, Perth, Australia