From Lamp to Ceiling Fixture for Star Wars Room

Materials: Stranne Table Lamp

Description: I loved the Stranne table lamp but wanted to use it on the ceiling in a Star Wars room. Cool right? I took it to a metal guy and here is what we did.
1. Unscrew the lamp from the base.
2. Saw off the “feet” from the lamp base.

3. Drill four holes, one on each side to screw into the ceiling.
4. Cut down the hollow square tubing so it doesn’t impose on the room.
5. Re-attach the base to the lamp.
6. Hire electrician to hang upside down and screw it into the ceiling.
And Voila!

NOTE: I also had it installed with a dimmer to make the perfect starry nightlight.

See more of the Stranne ceiling light.

~ Amanda @ Burlap and Denim, United States