Hemberg Coffee Table "Look Down" Arcade Hack

Materials: Hemberg Coffee Table, Lack Wall Shelf

Description: Had this idea to build a “look down” console arcade setup with my Ikea Hemberg Coffee Table. I also used a Lack Wall Shelf to anchor the monitor and serve as a platform for my arcade fight sticks when not in use. The hack is actually really simple to do:

Parts Used:

– Hemberg Coffee Table
– Lack Wall Shelf
– 23″ Asus VH236H Monitor (standard for gaming due to 2ms response)
– Xbox 360 Slim
– Two Madcatz TE Fight Sticks

1) Remove Glass Top and un-install the drawer assembly of your Hemberg Coffee Table.

2) Remove the actual drawer, the top panel and sides. The only pieces that should be left are the bottom base and the back panel (which is now used to support the monitor). Re-install the stripped drawer assembly.

3) The Lack shelf is then installed centered and flush to the front metal legs of the table and secured with some dry-wall screws. You may want to adjust this based on the monitor you use.

4) Install the monitor (must remove base of monitor) angled with the back resting on the back panel of the drawer and flush with the back of the lack shelf. You can cable manage all the connections underneath the monitor since there will be some space due to the angle. I installed a strip of packing foam in between the monitor and the shelf to hide wires and to serve as protection for the monitor.

5) Your gaming console fits directly underneath the table as shown in the photos.

6) Kick back on the couch while you game in your own coffee table arcade setup! Enjoy…

See more of the Hemberg Arcade hack. (link no longer available)

~ Jon Bonilla, Maywood, NJ

Jules Yap