High Expedit computer desk

Materials: 2 Expedit vertical 5×1 bookshelves (701.162.76), Capita Legs (000.545.64), Billy additional shelf (802.087.51), keyboard tray slides, jigsaw, drill, super strong glue for wood

Description: Our living room does not have much space and already has an Utby buffet, which is rather high and perpendicular to the wall. I needed a desk for my computer next to the Utby. It had to be as high as the Utby and quite narrow in order not to take too much room. Storage space would be a bonus.

I bought two Expedit columns that I sawed in order to get two 2×1 small columns that would serve as desk support. I added two Capita legs on each and used the sawed off long board of the second Expedit shelf as the desk itself. I added a keyboard tray underneath using a Billy shelf and railings bought from a local hardware store chain.

Step-by-step instructions:

– For each 2×1 column, I sawed the long board right below the 2nd holes for the shelves. At that point, there is a small reinforcement on the sides that allows you to screw the base as if it was the proper bottom. The inside of the board is filled with that horrible cardboard that we all despise. Once sawed, the assembling was just like the regular Expedit.

– I added the Capita legs (the 16cm ones) to support the desk.

– I sawed one remaining long board for the desk. The length was calculated so that it left enough room for my legs.

– Last part: the keyboard tray. I tried to inspire myself from this hack: https://ikeahackers.net/2011/12/keyboard-tray-for-expedit-desk.html
Unfortunately, the internal reinforcement on the long Expedit boards is right in the middle and there is only one, so it couldn’t be used for screwing the slides. Instead, I only screwed them at one spot and I glued them with the strongest wood glue I could find. It took 2 days to dry but despite the weight of the Billy tray, it seems really solid.

~ Denis

Jules Yap