Kitchen cabinets as a bar


Description: We built out own bar with FAKTUM kitchen wall cabinets, since they aren’t as deep as regular cupboards. This bar is 120 cm wide, and we found four already used 30 cm cabinets for a fourth of the regular price at the store, at the “bargain corner” (don’t know what that’s called in English..).

Then we used a regular countertop (PRÄGEL)and PERFEKT APPLÅD (for high cabinets) cover panel for the side of the bar.

For the front we used two 60×125 HÄRLIG doors since they were cheaper than a cover panel that size. Since the bar uses regular FAKTUM legs it’s exactly 125 cm high, so the doors were perfect in size.

The countertop is deeper than the cabinets and we let it “hang over” the front edge about 20 cm. Under that we placed LED lights to make that cool light effect.

As you can see the cabinets are perfect for a bar since the shelves are adjustable in height, making it easy to make place for extra high bottles and so on.

Behind the bar we have BILLY bookcases with BILLY MOREBO doors with the nicest bottles, glasses etc.

If you do a bar yourself, don’t forget to fasten it to the wall real good, people are gonna literally hang there all the time!

We’re still thinking about getting some sort of doors or maybe a sort of curtain at the back side to hide the mess, but so far it’s good enough.

~ Emmeli Hultqvist, Sweden