Malm & Benno baby changing table

Materials: Malm 4 drawer chest & Benno DVD tower

Description: We wanted a changing table for a baby which would be high enough (we’re both tall), and with enough storage for all the clothes.

After looking at a lot of expensive baby changing table, we got the idea of an Ikea hack, which came up to a good price, and with the added bonus that it matches the existing Pax wardrobes in the room.

The Malm is as sold. We cut the Benno DVD tower in half (just had to cut an extra 2cm on one side to fit the height).

Similar hack as this one except the Benno DVD tower provides some shelving for small items, and covers the empty space behind the Malm.

We used some left over wood for the top and side, which we painted for a nicer finish (same paint was used to paint part of the baby crib).

There are no screws on the Malm, so the changing table part can be taken off in the future, we’ll just have to get rid of the Benno DVD tower, which is not a big expense.

~ Delphine, Nice, France