PAX Pantry

Materials: Two PAX wardrobes, 93″ x 19″ x 14″ with Birkeland doors, MANY shelves, four baskets, cordless drill/screwdriver

Description: My kitchen was overflowing so for a couple of years I designed major remodels and reviewed this site for inspiration before this idea came to me. It’s not so much a HACK as a repurpose.

I used the tallest and shallowest PAX wardrobes because I strongly dislike deep shelving for a pantry. Used two narrow units rather than one wide so that each shelf wouldn’t have too much weigh to bear. The baskets are for crackers, noodles, etc.

IKEA includes instructions for joining the two wardrobes and you can buy as many shelves and baskets as you need or want. The instructions say it takes two people to assemble and mount these but I did them on my own.

Now I just have to get brave and drill holes for the handles (I could use advice on that because I’m afraid of shattering the paint finish).

~ Christine, Silicon Valley, CA