PS Maskros Floor Lamp

Materials: PS MASKROS (901.474.65) + RODD (701.924.06)

Description: This is a simple hack that combines a PS MASKROS pendant lamp and RODD floor lamp base into a gorgeous floor lamp.

The hack is plain dead simple and literally takes 10 minutes to complete:

1) Fully assemble the RODD base.
2) Take the MASKROS pendant base and unscrew four screws to remove the white plastic ring around the lamp-holder.
3) Cut the four L-shaped legs that supported that ring as depicted on the image, with a hacksaw. You can just make a small notch and then bend the leg couple of times to break it apart.

4) Screw these four legs back onto the ring.
5) Put the assembly onto the RODD lamp-holder all the way down so that those four legs are about 5mm deep in the gap between the outer metal shell and the inner plastic part.
6) Now screw the plastic ring that comes with the RODD base, but place it bottom up. Tighten it so that it locks those four legs.
7) Now you can assemble the PS MASKROS per its instructions. The further decoration is up to you: leave it “naked” as depicted on the photos, install the standard decorative “dandelion florets” that come with the pendant, or invent something unique, combining this hack with the other MASKROS ideas that you can find on this site.

~ Igor Afanasyev, Moscow, Russia