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Materials: Expedit shelving unit

Description: I transformed a Expedit shelving unit in a desk with a lateral horizontal shelving unit.

I disassembled the long side of Expedit.
I took off the central shelves in order to make the space for the legs (human legs).

I took the central vertical piece of wood and I cut (at a DIY Shop) two pieces large 5cm. I cut the lateral part of the piece, that has the four holes to put the nails.

I assembled the two 5cm piece to the two “short legs” of the desk in order to have the same height of the the main legs.

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I put the remained long side of Expedit on four boxes in order to make a lateral shelf that goes from the desk to the bed (it was necessary in order to have also a place to put my hand made night lamp.

That’s it.
No glue, no other materials.

~ Serena Cangiano, Switzerland

Jules Yap