Scanner cart from Molger

Materials: Molger cart, tools, “L” brackets

Description: I needed a cart for my flatbed scanner that would give adequate ventilation and a lower work surface than a standard table. The Molger cart was “almost there”, with slatted shelves and locking wheels. However, the railing/handle around the top presented a problem.

I cut off the extensions that would have held the handle in place and assembled therest of the cart as per the instructions.

Then I hacked the railing to hold the scanner in place on the top shelf. I had to remove some wood from the edge to accommodate the cords. Eventually, after much trial and error, I found that old-fashioned wood chisels worked the best for getting a clean cut-out.

Finally, I fastened the railing to the top using brass L brackets.

See more of the scanner cart.

~ Fairevergreen