Small computer desk with stand for living room

Materials: Hemmes/Ribba/Leksvik

Description: What your need.

– One RIBBA picture ledge. (in my case white)
– One shelf EKBY HEMNES
– One LEKSVIK Desk, black

I first bought the LEKSVIK to use as a computer desk in my small living room.
The monitor was way too low to be ergonomic so I added a stand with the shelf and picture ledge.

The idea of the monitor stand using RIBBA picture ledge was taken from an other Ikea hack. (thanks)

Here is the modification I did.

1 – Saw the RIBBA to fit it under the shelf.
2 – Add one screw hole in both RIBBA part.
3 – Drill some hole in the shelf to fit with the RIBBA part to be sure the shelf would not crack. Be sure you don’t go trough the shelf. I use electrical tape on my drill bit to know when to stop.
4 – Screw everything together.

I didn’t screw the stand to the desk but some kind of sticky rubber would help stabilize the monitor stand on the desk.

Next step is to hide the ugly cables from the other side.

~ Martin, Québec