Top Cabinet Pull-out

Materials: Akurum pantry & drawer kits

Description: We took the Akurum WRD refrigerator cabinet & Akurum HD pantry & modified them to use Rationell pull-out drawers for storage items. these cabinets typically don’t have drawers in the top, just shelf storage. we figured, we won’t be getting up there very often, but when we do, we want it to be somewhat convenient.

The pantry was pretty easy since it already used the Rationell drawers for the main storage. We just ordered an extra drawer & fit it into the top.

The refrigerator cabinet does not typically have drawers & is 36″ wide. They don’t make a 36″ wide pantry so we had to use a 36″ wide drawer from a base cabinet to fit this. The only thing different about that drawer was no “bar” going across the top & we were fine with that.

See more of the top cabinet pull out.

~ DeNacho, Illinois