Easy made conference table

Materials: 3x Vika Amon tabletops 1x Galant table legs (only the table legs not the tabletop), 1x Chipboard (it should be a bit smaller than the size of the three tabletops)

Description: Why are we hacking? We are a new company in Denmark and needed some furniture to fill our office. As a entrepreneurial company it was not necessary to have expensive designer furniture filling up our office, however, we would like some good looking furniture that fulfills our needs. Where else to go but IKEA!

What to do?
1. The chipboard was put underneath the 3 tabletops and screwed together.
2. Afterwards we screwed the table legs to both sides/ends of the tabletops.
3. Voila! It turns into our new conference table.

See more of the Vika Amon conference table.

~ Stine Olesen, Compell, Denmark