EXPEDIT sideboard

Materials: EXPEDIT TV storage unit, 2X4 lumber, circular saw, cordless drill

Description: Problem 1: Large “5X5” EXPEDIT TV storage unit that didn’t fit in the living room of our new house. Disassembled and stowed away in the basement.

Problem 2: Funky attic room with low sloped ceilings and no storage.

Solution: Saw off the top 4ft of the side panels of the IKEA unit. Insert pieces of 2X4 in the cavities in the hollow panels and fasten with wood screws from front and back. Drill pilot holes to match the holes in the top panel. Saw a couple of the vertical shelf dividers to the correct size (matching the length of the steel support pieces), and drill new holes for the pegs. Assemble with original hardware. Almost looks like it should be part of the official EXPEDIT line!

~ Iikka Keranen, United States

Jules Yap