Handyman Corner Coat Rack

Materials: Cabinet door (Unknown product origin), Blecka

Description: Browsing the handyman corner of the scratch and dent section of Ikea yielded 4 Blecka hooks that were not in their packaged, marked down to $3. After browsing around a bit more, I found a cabinet door from an unknown product that looked like the perfect backing for a coat rack. I found the screws and washers in my garage, and I had to run to Home Depot to get a pair of keyhole hangers to mount to the back of the cabinet door.

Installation was simple. Layout the hooks as desired, drill a hole for each hook (Blecka hooks have only one hole per hook), and use a machine screw, washer, and nut to mount the hook. The keyhole hangers were screwed into the back of the cabinet 16″ apart, and corresponding screws were installed in the wall into studs (make sure they are level!).

The result is a classy coat rack that no one else has, and all for about $12 in materials.

~ Mike, United States