Rad RETUR Bathroom Cabinet

Materials: nine 6″ wide RETUR recycling bins, 1 Wall Pops! Stripe (a 6.5″ x 12′ adhesive decal), plastic paint scraper or squeegee, off-white duct tape, x-acto knife, cutting mat

My small bathroom lacks both a linen closet and an under-the-sink cabinet. I was unable to drill shelves into the wall due to wiring, and I hate the look of over-the-toilet shelving units, so I created this cabinet to store my partner’s and my toiletries. It accommodates all of our stuff and adds some visual interest to an all-white bathroom.

We have the unit sitting on our toilet tank because of the wiring issue, but I think it’s is sturdy enough to be hung on the wall, and attractive enough to be used anywhere you need storage!

The project took around 2 hours to put together, but using a solid color instead of a pattern will require less time. It cost $55 total after using a Wall Pops! coupon. I had an extra RETUR left over, so I’m using it for art supplies.

1) Stack three columns of three RETURs.

2) Fold over pieces duct tape so that they’re sticky on both sides; place them along the insides of the RETUR stacks. Push the stacks together firmly.

3) Apply duct tape across the back and bottom of the unit to secure the bins together.

4) Cut two 23.5″ pieces of the Stripe decal. If you choose a pattern like mine, make sure the pieces are identical. Apply the pieces to the sides of the RETUR. Use the plastic paint scraper or squeegee to get out the air bubbles and creases.

5) Now cut 5.75″ W x 7″ pieces of the decal to adhere to the drawer fronts. If you choose a pattern, match them up with the side decals. Apply these pieces underneath the RETUR handles using the scraper/squeegee.

6) Use and admire the awesome cabinet you’ve created!

See more of the Retur bathroom cabinet.

~ Luna, Philadelphia, PA