Shadowbox Trinket Display

Materials: Rationell Drawer Organizer

Description: I wanted to display my small Dia de Los Muertos ornaments with more of a back drop and I found the Rationell brand new at a thrift store…so I came up with a plan.

– Picture hanger
– Spray paint (your choice) …white was in my garage.
– hot glue gun
– exacto knife or scissors
– double-sided scotch tape
– Your favorite digital photos + glossy photo printer paper
– Any small collectibles

1. Nail the picture hanger on the back first

2. Paint the entire organizer a color or stain of your choice. It was maple and that would work too if you like it.

3. Plan out your themes for each “box”.

4. Print photos on 8.5 x 11 glossy paper. Portrait orientation. Higher resolution always look best.

5. Measure the box inside, cut print to fit. (Note, the inside dimension is slightly smaller than the front of the boxes due to an angle on the entire frame.)

6. Apply a little scotch tape to back of the print and insert. This way it won’t slip around.

7. Now, place your collectibles however you’d like. Use a little hot glue to hold them securely in place if you can.

You can also insert little hooks and hang the items inside with wire or string. I hot-glued some items to a small piece of balsa wood to make it stand off from the back to give it 3-dimension.

Ideas are endless! You can cut branches, add rocks or moss or even air plants to create mini scenes or a wall of your interests.

~ Marlene, Oakland, CA