The TYGLÖSA frame hack

Materials: TYGLÖSA frame, fabric of your own taste, pieces of wood, single colour fabric

Description: This hack was made to cover our front speakers of the surround system in our living room. In order not to interfere with the quality of the sound, we decided to cover them with pictures made out of fabric.

So the fabric that you want to see is nailed to the TYGLÖSA frame as described by IKEA.

The TYGLÖSA frame is though way to shallow to cover a speaker by itself.

So we made a much deeper frame of the same size, covered it with a black fabric to blend in better.

The deep frame is hung on the wall around the speaker, the TYGLÖSA frame is hung on the deep frame flat brackets from the hardware store.

See more of the TYGLÖSA speaker hide.

~ Ann-Marie, Malmoe, Sweden

Jules Yap