A bigger, better mail sorter with Knuff

Materials: Knuff Magazine file (2 sets), wood glue, paint, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge (or stain instead)

Description: 1. Use wood glue to attach all the Knuff magazine files together in the configuration shown — I did the bottom two together first and let them dry with clamps, then the top two one at a time.

2. Paint the insides whatever color you want; cut scrapbooking paper the size of the outer surfaces and mod-podge them on the outsides.

For a “nicer” look, the whole thing could be stained instead of painted and mod-podged, and if I was going to put this by my front door, I would have done that, and maybe added hooks for keys on the bottom — but I wanted something more fun-looking.

I have the thing attached to the bottom of a cabinet with nuts and huge washers, using the existing holes in the tops — but it could be attached to a wall any way you want, and a small shelf (such as EKBY TRYGGVE) could be added to the top.

Inspiration for this came from here and here.

~ Elizabeth Kim, Los Angeles, CA