Cat litter box in a living room, why not?

Materials: FAKTUM Wall cabinet, HÄRLIG Door, INTEGRAL Hinge, spruce lath, & CAT flap

Description: We live in a small cozy apartment and we figured out how to have and also discretely hide a cat litter box in a living room.

At IKEA we bought FAKTUM Wall cabinet size 40x92cm, HA„RLIG Door 50x92cm, and INTEGRAL Hinge 125 degrees.

At local Bauhaus (wood handy shop) we bought a spruce LATHS 3x (40x5x5cm), and at local pet shop a CAT flap.

Before assembling the FAKTUM cabinet, take one side of the cabinet, and cut a appropriate hole for the cat flap.

Since we wanted that a cover door would be a little over the cabinet, we took the HA„RLIG Door to the local joiner, where he cut them and burned a new ABS edge tape on it, so they would be apx. 2cm over the cabinet.

Meanwhile color the spruce laths, let them dry, and then from inside mount them with nails, if necessary stick some felt floor savers.

~ Sebastian, Europe