Condo Perfect Baby Changing Table

Materials: 1 Sniglar Changing Table, 1 Kusiner Wall Pockets, 2 hooks and eyes, 5 metal hinges, 1 bead chain, 1 pack of small cork or rubber pads, handheld drill with various bits

Description: Living in a small apartment or condo, with no room whatsoever for the baby’s changing table, you can make a sweet fold-up table out of a cheap Sniglar unit that will live on the wall only 5 inches deep, with parts to spare. It took me a few hours of design and installation but it was worth it!!

Instructions: Assemble one of the two tabletops per Ikea. Optional: cut up one of the legs to add mass to the four ends of the tabletop’s long sides.

Make the bolts flush to the tabletop’s sides by drilling in slightly to the wood. This will allow hinges to sit nicely over top of the wood.

Fasten two of the four legs to the tabletop using your hinges. Best to drill guideholes into the wood first to make some space for screws. Measure the unit to the wall at the height of the legs, and attach it with hinges using any necessary reinforcements (I used Zip-It anchors into drywall, not as strong an anchor as wood, but holds the weight fine).

To prevent the legs from buckling if knocked accidentally, measure the distance from the bottom of at least one leg to the wall. (Mine was 20.5 inches to the baseboard.) Cut the last leg to that size and attach it to one of the other legs at the floor with a hinge. Fold it up vertically and install a smaller eye and hook so the legs can stay closed together. Including a small chain will make it easier for mom and dad to lift up and close.

Lastly, fold the whole unit up against the wall and measure out a larger eye and hook to hold it up and out of the way. Stick on small cork or rubber pads as needed to make it all quiet! Refer to the photos if my words aren’t enough. Cheers and good luck.

~ Nathan Medd, Vancouver, Canada