Entertainment center with fireplace

Materials: Tidaholm kitchen cabinets, Metrik handles, solid oak hardwood flooring, ethanol fireplace insert, metal studs, drywall, glass tile

Description: First we built the toe kick for the cabinets out of 1×3 fir.

We used 30x15x24 IKEA cabinets. We only wanted the finished cabinets to be about 18-20 inches deep, so we cut off about 2-3 inches off the backs of the cabinets after they were assembled. Then we set them onto the toe kick and secured everything.

Next we built a bump-out out of metal studs that would house our ethanol fireplace insert.

We were going to clad the fireplace in glass tile, so we spent quite a bit of time calculating where the studs should sit so that after drywall the width and height would add up to the exact with of our 1×2 inch glass tile with 1×1 inch glass tile that would fill in the end of each row.

For a table top we used 3/4 inch solid oak flooring planks on top of sheet of 3/4 inch plywood, then finished the edge with a 1×2 oak piece which makes the table top look extra thick.

We got the Tidaholm cabinet doors when they were being cleared out at 20% off.

Then we had someone come tile it and build a mantel out of a couple of pieces of 1×3 and 1×4 oak. Then I stained the table top and mantel. I used Minwax Ebony stain – 4 layers before it matched the Tidaholm finish. Then two coats of satin poly, For the inside of the fireplace, I mixed drywall mud, fine sand and dark gray paint and troweled it on.

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Jules Yap