GRUNDTAL Lightweight Speaker Stands – 3 Different Sizes!

Materials: GRUNDTAL Rails, 20 or 25mm MDF, Flat Head Hex Bolts

Description: Time to improve the sound of your bookshelf speakers.

Design is pretty straight forward but you will need a moderate amount of skill and some basic power tools.

Top and bottom plates can be made with any dense material (HDF, MDF or metal is ideal because they will not compress or split) I cut the shape using my speaker box as a template but you could also make the bottom slightly larger and/or double thickness for more stability. Finish with a lacquer or satin enamel paint for best results and use grippy foam pads to hold the speakers in place.

GRUNDTAL Rails come in 40, 60, and 80cm (GRUNDTAL wall shelf) They make for a sturdy and modern looking stand and should support most bookshelf speakers. Lateral support is a tradeoff with this design so place in a low traffic area or use additional rails per stand. Be creative with your rail (post) layout however having them close to the edge will increase stability.

While you’re at Ikea, pick up 12 – 35mm (or longer) flat head hex machine screws from the returns/exchange desk. The screws supplied will not likely be long enough and this hardware is difficult to find at building supply stores. Using the hex socket will greatly help, they also countersink nicely if you carefully machine out a little material with a 1/2 drill bit. GRUNDTAL can handle considerable amount of torque so using a stainless steel fender washer will prevent the rail end from sinking in to your wooden plates.

Best luck and happy hacking!

~ Ryan Swim, Canada