Happy Hack-o-ween!

Materials: IKEA HELMER rolling drawer unit, PVC tube, casters

Description: My daughter was so impressed with the service on Singapore Airlines this summer that she wanted to be a “€œSingapore Girl” for Halloween. It just so happened that a PANYL customer had turned me onto the IKEA HELMER a few weeks earlier. This metal drawer unit on wheels turned out to be the perfect size for a miniature beverage trolley.

For a handle, we fastened a piece of 1¼”€ PVC tube between the sides of one drawer, instead of the snap on drawer front. We used heavy-duty double-sided tape to attach this drawer to the top surface of the HELMER. This would be the open bin for the taller bottles and cups.

We also swapped small, fixed casters that come with the HELMER for bigger 1¾”€ swivel casters, since the Brooklyn sidewalks can be pretty rough.

As a final touch, we used some gold and blue PANYL scraps to make some decals.

Hack or treat!

See more of the Helmer Singapore Airlines trolley.

~ PANYL, New York, NY

Jules Yap