Ikea Detolf Vivarium Hack

Materials: Detolf Glass Cabinet

Description: I wanted something smart for my 2 corn snakes to live in. I work for Ikea and my house currently has 90% Ikea furniture. So it was important it fitted in with the rest. Then one day it came to me.

I saw the Detolf display cabinet and thought I can hack this, so I did.

First thing was to build it. I left out the glass shelves and added a twin spot light also from Ikea. Sorry forgot the name of it. Got a detolf cabinet lock off ebay for it. Added some shelves made of wood and some decorations, then added a background which is stuck on from the back.

It gives them loads of room, a hot spot to sit in and cold for the bottom. It’s easy to clean and and most of all I can see my snakes plus visitors always have a look.

~ David Hooker, Southampton UK