Lack gets a LEGO Hack

1 x LACK side table
3 large tubs of LEGO
Hairpin table legs and screws
Glass table top (custom cut to size 597mm x 567mm x 5mmm)

For the table:
1. Attach the hairpin legs to the Lack table top using screws.

To build the LEGO top:
You will use the top of the Lack as a form to construct your LEGO around.

For the top and two sides, I used single-depth bricks (1×1, 1×2, 1×3…1×8):
1. Make a long strip of 71 brick widths
2. Connect the next row, but with 69 brick widths (centred to the row above)
3. On both ends of this row, attach a brick at right angles down the side of the table top

4. Add bricks to both rows so you end up with 7 widths at a right angle (going down the sides, wrapping both sides of the table)
5. Keep building the rows as above, until you end up with 58 rows. This should be enough to cover top to bottom, and two sides
6. For the remaining two uncovered sides, lay out a strip of LEGO, 7 brick widths tall x 71 brick widths wide (I tried to use mostly double-depth bricks for this 2×2, 2×3…2×8)
7. Add bricks in another layer, making sure you build over the joins (so you have a solid piece at the end, with no loose bricks)
8. Attach the piece to one end of the table
9. Repeat step 7 and attach to the other end of the table

To Complete:

Lay the glass top over the LEGO. This step is optional, but LEGO scratches easily!

~ Anjoli, Sydney, Australia