My Stolmen vanity unit

Materials: Stolmen chest of two drawers, steel furniture feet, screws, tape, all purpose glue, flagging, joint compound, flagging corners, silicone; Tools: jig saw

Description: Inspired from the “bathroom special: space saving wall mounted vanity” I did my own Stolmen vanity unit.

First I cut out the contour of the drain and the water valves on the backside of the Stolmen chest with the jig saw.

2. Mount the chest on the furniture feet – these are available in your building center in different forms and heights. I took round ones.

3. Cut the upper plate, so the sink fits in. On the cut edge I applied some tape to protect the cardboard in the upper plate from moisture and water.

4. Apply the flagging corners on the chest, either with glue or some small brackets.

5. Then I used some flagging which was left from my bathroom renovation and glued it with an elastic all purpose adhesive on top and on both sides.

6. After 1 day I filled the joint with compound.

7. After another day I sealed all inner joints with silicone.

8. The drawers were cut into the right depth, because the valves and the drain needed some space.

I am very happy with the outcome, not only because my vanity unit fits perfectly into my bathroom due to the same flagging, but also about the budget (around 100€) for the whole unit, instead of several 100 for buyable units.

~ bjoern