A Grown-up RAST

Materials: RAST dresser, lattice strips, a few pices of 1×6 for the top, wood glue, paint stain and poly

Description: To make a small nightstand that somewhat matched an existing dresser we already had, we decided to hack the inexpensive RAST dresser.

After a good sanding all over, and filling in the pre-drilled holes for 2 pulls on each drawer, we got to work.

The front of the dresser we already have had a paneled look, so we cut lattice pieces to size and framed out the fronts of the RAST drawers as well as the sides of the piece, then simply used wood glue to adhere them.

To make a new more substantial top to the RAST, we used clamps and woodglue between a few pieces of 1x6s. Once cut down to size and sanded, the top piece was stained a dark espresso finish to match the color of the inspiration dresser we already had. We set aside the top until it was time to screw/glue it on.

Once the RAST was dry, we filled in the extra gaps in the lattice and molding we used to dress up the kick board. Then we painted the body of the RAST and drawers a creamy white. Once that dried, we secured the new top in place and used a small strip of molding on the front to cover the gab underneath and make it look like it was always meant to be there.

To polish it off, we drilled new, centered holes for each drawer and added a single brushed nickel pull.

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~ Beth

Jules Yap