Aspelund bedside table into sink cabinet

Materials: Aspelund bedside table (white), electric jigsaw, paper, pencil, silicon gun

Description:My ensuite bathroom is very small and I was thinking to add a small cabinet to make some room for all my bathroom stuff. So I bought a white Aspelund bedside table at my local IKEA store.

The bedside table didn’t fit well inside the bathroom so I decided to hack it a little bit to place it right under the sink.

Obviously there are many IKEA sink cabinets but none of them were well suited for my sink.

First I disassembled the top layer and the middle (inner) layer of the Aspelund.

I put the top layer just under the sink and cast the sink border (only half) using a pencil.

I did the same with the inner layer.
I mirrored the lines using some paper and duct tape.
I removed the wood using an electric jigsaw.

Then I built back together all the pieces of the Aspelund and placed it under the sink.

I filled the gap between the wood and the sink with some silicon.


~ Gianluca G, Italy