Besta Vara coffee table

Materials: 1 Lack Table, 1 Besta Vara Door 60 x 64 Any Colour, 4 wooden dowels, wood glue.

Description: I wanted a coffee table to match the bookcases I’m planning on getting from the Besta range.

So I started thinking of a hack for one.

First take the Lack table top and drill through the pre-drilled holes so they go all the way through the top of the table top.

Then assemble the Lack table as normal but put the table top on upside down.

Next mark off the table legs on the door and drill holes being careful not to drill through the other side.

Then drill holes in the top of the legs drilling downwards and put a dowel in each.

Next apply glue generously to the tops of the legs around the dowels.

Then put glue in the holes on the door and put the top on making sure the dowels are all in the holes on the door.

I did this with a turquoise grey door.

~ Em, Manchester UK

Jules Yap