KURA Bunk Bed

Photo: IKEA.com

Materials: 2x KURA Reversible bed, Allen wrench, screw diver and drill.

Description: We wanted to upgrade our KURA Reversible bed into a bunk bed, so our littlest(3) could sleep underneath and we could still help our oldest(6) into bed when he is sick or already asleep.

We decided we would just buy a second KURA and use its parts to convert ours into a bunk that looked like stock and not like crap.

Parts used from second set. Corner legs with most holes. Rails with cutout for panels. Panels.

Everything fit pretty mush as expected. The lower bunk upper rail that goes into the ladder required a bit of drilling. This piece mounts upside down and would be offset by an inch. So drilling it open a bit allowed to use the link that connects it to the ladder railing.

Also, since this rail is upside down (to hold panel) a hole on the opposite end coner leg was added so we could use the mounting bolt for it.

Other then that, it was pretty straight forward.
Looks like it was meant to be like this and didn’t take us long to modify.

~ AL, Chicago

Jules Yap