MARIUS Mongolian Lamb Stool

Materials: MARIUS stool

Description: Lastly I noticed those beautiful Mongolian lamb stools in many stunning interiors! The problem is, as you can imagine, the price of these beauties!!!

As I’m actually working on a girl bedroom project I absolutely wanted to include one of these Mongolian stools for the luxury touch they add and for their incredible softness …!

So I decided to make my own Mongolian lamb stool thanks to Ikea and their Marius stool. The great thing is the very small price of this stool and the easy way to customize it 🙂

If you want to have the whole “how to” step by step you can check out the post on my blog.

You’ll find the entire DIY including all the pictures step by step here.

~ Nadia, Paris, FRANCE

Jules Yap