Tree Branch Floor Lamp

Materials: LAGRA spotlight, RISMON white light shade, Fallen tree branch, cable clips, wood varnish, sharpie marker.

Description: Unfortunately I did not take any step by step photos but the process was very simple.
1. Find a branch that has three prongs so it will stand upright and saw them down so they are even.
2. Remove all bark from the branch with a Plane or Stanley knife.
3. Sand the branch and varnish.
4. Use tin snips, Dremmel or wire cutters to remove the black shade from the LAGRA spotlight.
5. Clip The LAGRA spotlight to the top of the branch with it facing upwards. I added some extra screws to make it very secure to the branch.
6. Draw dotted lines or any other pattern on the Rismon lightshade with the sharpie.
7. Attach the RISMON light shade to the spotlight (I used hot glue and screws here and there.)
8. Secure the cable down the length of the branch with cable clips (run the cable down the part of the branch that will be intended to face the wall.

~ Natalie, Manchester