Turntable and Record Storage Hack

Materials: Expedit Shelf, Dioder light strip, furniture legs, Fabric, Screw Gun, Double sided tape

Description: I had the hardest time finding anything affordable that would fit my stereo components and store records as well. This is what I did to achieve what I needed.

Step 1. Make shelves wide enough to accommodate a stereo receiver and turntable. I had to move the 2 vertical supports over about 8 inches. To do this you must drill new holes for the dowel supports. Just measure over and drill. I believe I used a 3/8 bit.

Step 2. Assemble as directed except moving center supports to new drilled holes.

Step 3. Mount leg plates. I mounted them 5″ from the sides and 2″ from the front and back Lowes has nice tapered legs in stock for $2.50

You must buy mounting plates. I used the angled plates here.

Step 4. I chose to hang fabric behind to conceal all the cables and such. I used double sided tape to do this.

Step 5. Mount Dioder lights. I put one on all 4 sides. I made a small slit in the fabric backing to run all the cables and cords through.

That’s all. It took about 3 hours from start to finish. Hope this can help someone out that’s having the same problem as I was!

~ Gretchen