Entertainment Storage in Design Studio

IMG 3676 752290
IMG 3676 752290

pax wardrobe with sliding doors 50360 PE146645 S4
Photo: IKEA.com

Materials: PAX Wardrobe & Nexus Black/Brown Cabinetry & Numerar counters

Description: Design Dilemma: Create a storage solution with SCALE in an Interior Design Studio with 12′ ceilings.

Solution: Combine PAX Lyngdal sliding glass door storage (96″ tall x 118″ wide x 17″ deep) ABOVE 3′ high x 13′ wide Akurum/Nexus Black/Brown base cabinets with Numerar counters. (Non IKEA: 2 U-Line beverage fridges, priced more than the rest of the entire project!)

We are recent empty nesters! Launched the last of our 5 kiddos last spring (yes: all 5 concurrently in college!)

We moved to an ultra cool urban “live/work” loft in Downtown Tulsa. I’m an interior designer, and set up a studio on the ground floor (approx. 800 ft2).

After 25+ years of accumulating, we were forced to “downsize”. In this solution I have stuffed several dozen charger plates, assorted dishes, placemats, candles, silverware, glassware and even an entire setup for making s’mores out by the complex’s gas fire pit!

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IMG 0432 760345

I used a spare black/brown PAX frame to trim the upper unit, as the 17″ PAX frame is only offered in white.

While I assembled all the pieces easily myself, it took 4 of us (including one REALLY big guy) to lift the PAX frames and Lyngdal doors.

We’ve lived/worked here for 6 months, and LOVE using this storage system. VERY functional.

I’ve included a couple of pics of how we “styled” the unit with a 7 foot wreath for the holidays!

~ Lori Schram, Tulsa, OK

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