Ivar/Aspelund/Malm Loft Storage Bed

Materials: Ivar shelving system, Aspelund bed frame parts, Malm Chests

Description: The problem was a room that only fit the queen sized bed we have. The solution, building a bed out of Ivar shelving, our Aspelund bed frame, and Malm 6 drawer Chests to address both the lack of space and lack of storage.

Tools required:
Screwdrivers (philips and standard)
Ruler/straight edge
marking object
Safety glasses (that you actually wear while using the power tools)
hammer (very helpful)
circular saw

Items we purchased from Ikea specifically for this project:
2 Ivar shelves 17″x 12″
2 Ivar side unit 12″x 49″
4 Ivar shelves 33″x 20″
6 Ivar side units 20″x 49″
2 Observator cross brace 28″
2 Observator cross brace 39″

Items purchased previously from Ikea but used in this project:
Aspelund Bed frame
Skorva Midbeam
2 Sultan Lade (wood slats)
Sultan Queen size mattress

Items purchased from the hardware store:
Unfinished pine cut to 68″Lx 8″Hx 3/4″W
L brackets
Zip ties
Craft wood (pine) 3/8″ thick cut to fit the Ivar side unit dimensions
Items purchased from Craigslist:
4 Malm Chests with 6 drawers (color not important)

Regarding the zip ties… (NOT RECOMMENDED!!)
Note: Neither the author, her family, nor anyone associated in any way with her, recommends or condones using zip ties in a bed structure. (Even I am pushing for something sturdier.) It is HIGHLY recommended that, should you decide to construct or assemble a bed similar to the one featured, you consider a more sturdy solution to our use of the zip ties. Likewise, the author and such associated persons, etc. assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damage incurred as a result of constructing a similar structure. Attempt at your own risk!

Having washed my hands of that…
Here’s how we did it.

1. Cut down small wood to use as extensions for shelving

2. Glue small pieces of wood to bottom of Ivar supports.

3. Assemble Ivar shelves over Malm Chests

4. If your room is as small as ours, make sure to space the chests evenly so
so that drawers can be accessed.

5. Connect the 2 large sets of Ivar shelves on each side of where the bed will be.

6. Add the cross braces to the shelves (without Malm chests, in our case).

7. The 4 sets of shelves should be centered such that there is ample storage behind the Malms.

8. Assemble the smaller shelf sets.

9. Place the smaller shelves at the ends such that the back of the smaller shelves are against the sides of the larger ones.

10. Use the aforementioned zip ties to hold the smaller Ivar units to the larger ones. For any questions regarding the use of zip ties in this structure, please refer to the disclaimer above.

11. Cut the head/foot board to the correct length

12. Measure the wood for the holes (sides and center) so they match with the existing side frames (or use all new wood-probably easier).

13. Measure, measure, measure! Then mark, then measure again. Only after you are 100% sure, should you even consider drilling!!! Even then, you should probably still check again.

14. Once you have all the holes drilled, you can assemble the bed frame as if it were the original bed. Then secure it to the Ivar units with the L brackets. We used 6.

16. Lift the matress over the frame. Position the slats correctly in the support frame. Move mattress into position.

17. Create a stair/step system that fits your needs both in space and person. We have not yet found our solution yet, so we are currently using a regular ladder (see disclaimer).

18. You should probably put some sort of side rails up since the bed is so high. We have assembled the basic structure that works for us for the time being.

See more of the IVAR loft bed.

~ J. Yeh