Lack Bedroom Desk or Dressing Table

Materials: LACK coffee table, HOPEN 4-drawer chest

Description: This is a very simple hack. I wanted a small desk in my bedroom, but didn’t want an additional piece of furniture. Instead, I made this using pieces I already owned.

I removed the magazine shelf from a small LACK coffee table (article number 401.042.94) and attached it between two HOPEN 4-drawer chests (article number 801.295.89). The dressers are slightly deeper than the shelf, but I view this as a feature instead of a flaw: Lining up the three pieces so the fronts are flush gives a 1.75-inch space behind the desktop perfect for clipping a lamp and running cords.

Attach the shelf to the dressers using the same hardware that was holding it in place on the coffee table. To prevent damage to the sides of the dressers, drill four 1/8-inch pilot holes. I placed sticky notes on the dresser to make markings and lined up the brackets with the inside edges of the notes (this was easier than measuring). This puts the brackets about 3 inches from the edge of the desktop).

I also drilled 1/8-inch pilot holes in the bottom of the desktop, this time to make it easier to attach rather than for aesthetics.

As a bonus, I now use the coffee table in my closet. The table top acts as a shelf that’s the perfect height to sit above laundry baskets.

Remember that this “desktop” is still just 1/2-inch particleboard made for storing magazines, so it definitely cannot hold something weighty like a television or book collection. In fact, I would recommend that you reinforce the desktop with additional larger angle brackets regardless of how you plan to use it. Also, note that the desk sits higher than a standard tabletop so you’ll need a slightly-taller-than-usual seat (the dining chair in the picture sits about 4 inches too low to be comfortable).

Also, there’s no reason why you need to purchase the LACK coffee table for this hack. IKEA’s “as is” clearance bin has plenty of finished particleboard and hardwood pieces for $1 – $3.

~ Nick