Lack space combiner


Materials: Lack room divider

Description: Having bought a second hand LACK room divider, it didn’t really seem to fit in my room. The thick black beams were somewhat overexposed in comparison to my other furniture. But I did need a piece of furniture to store my administration, stereo and other stuff I could fit in there.

First thing I did was lay down the room divider so it would be less of an eye catcher. Unfortunately my stereo and record player were too wide to fit in the shelves. I lowered the middle shelf, so that I would get just enough extra space to place my stereo units. As the room divider was now horizontal rather than vertical, it had more or less the shape of a piano soundboard.

By cutting three slices into the LACK board and placing a plywood plate underneath my electric piano I more or less created a piano-stereo furniture. Next step was to close the open sides. I did this by screwing a number of wooden slats. On the other side I mounted some plywood board to store the piles of paperwork.

Cutting the rather thin wood of the LACK room divider wasn’t that much of a success. Having finished all of this, it would have been smarter to build a wooden frame from ground up.

But, I wouldn’t have come up with the idea to integrate a stereo-piano-administration desk into a room divider, or as from now on, room combiner.

~ Erik Bernhart, Amsterdam , The Netherlands

Jules Yap