Old Shelf, Old Stair, New Look

Materials: Expedit

Description: I don’t know how, but a 4 x 4 Expedit shelf seems to fit better in a flat than in a house? So when we recently moved into a new home we were ready to throw out the trusty piece of furniture because we just couldn’t find the right place for it. But since then we have been inspired by the hacks here and various ways you can cut and paint the Expedit.

As a result what you see here is, for regular Ikea Hackers, nothing new. But we did want to share our attempts with the community.

The key thing that we did was to cut the shelf to fit in with the original paneling under the stair and become an integrated piece of furniture. We also lifted the shelf and made it sit proud of the paneling to highlight the difference between old and new.

The shelves were design to fit keys and wallets in the top bit, and books,(and taller books) in the other bits.

~ LawrenceToTheMax, London