Prant becomes Alkov

Materials: 3x Prant boxes, 1 Alkov basket, cuphooks

Description: During our first Ikea hack we converted Expedit bookcases into a wall unit with bench seating. But with the Alkov basket being discontinued years ago, we didn’t have enough matching storage baskets under the bench seating. Three baskets, just three baskets, I prayed … many internet searches & shopping trips later and still nothing even close! Then we saw the humble, yet sturdy Prant box.

We first disassembled one of the Alkov baskets. The baskets are held together with metal screws, which made this hack possible. The front piece, back piece and side pieces would be used to complete the illusion that we have 8 matching Alkov baskets under the bench seating.

Using a table saw, we cut off 3/4 of an inch from the top of each Prant box (they are taller than the older Alkov baskets) sanded the cuts and assembled the boxes. Placed the Alkov back piece to the front of the Prant box, and marked the handle location. Drilled holes at the handle locations and screwed in the cuphooks – spray painted black first. I had 3 handles made from a local metal shop and they match close enough. The cuphooks were pushed thru the banana leaves, given another full turn and the new handles hung on the cuphooks.

The cuphooks provide enough resistance to keep the basket attached, however we placed a few Command Adhesive velcro picture frame hanging strips on the backside of the Alkov to prevent any side to side movement.

Repeat the entire procedure three more times, and voila it looks like we have 8 matching Alkov baskets!

~ Marika, Vancouver

Jules Yap